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贝立兹是一个可进行global leadership training(全球领导力培训)的 教育机构,丰富的课程内容包括语言及沟通技巧建立、global leadership training(全球领导力培训),以及培养文化能力的客制化动态解决方案,所有的课程皆可通过多样化的平台实施。

Berlitz Private Instruction(贝立兹单独授讲)

Going to Brazil?

Berlitz Tips

  • Photo of a Berlitz Private Instruction session我们的语言培训课程极为灵活,适应个人的时间规划以及特殊的学习目标。


  • Photo of a Berlitz Virtual Classroom sessionGoing to Brazil? Learn Portuguese from Brazil using local expressions and practicing real-life situations!

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  • Photo of a Berlitz TipsFrom Bargaining to Conducting Meetings – Helpful articles and materials about communication, culture, and business topics.

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